About Walvis Services

Walvis Services operates as a service company within Walvis Group and provides asset management services to BCD Group. In addition, the company provides services to Walvis Participaties. The services include management, legal, finance, accounting and tax, in the broadest sense.


Airtrade is the airline ticket specialist for the Dutch travel trade. Airtrade contracts and distributes airline tickets and provides travel fulfilment services for travel agents, tour operators and online travel agents. Moreover, Airtrade develops and provides a state of the art (white label) dynamic packaging platform, API’s, Internet Booking Engines and Booking Management Solutions for the travel industry.

€ 196.4 MILLION
700,000 HOTELS


Sales figures
In 2016 Airtrade reported the highest sales in the company’s 28 year history. Airtrade closed last year with € 196.4 million in total sales.

Around 70 people work for Airtrade (56.6 FTE).

Ticket sold
In 2016 we sold approximately:

  • 366.000 airline tickets
  • 90.000 travel insurances
  • 5.800 hotel bookings
  • 926 car bookings


Airtrade has a 100% focus on the business-to-business market. Airtrade is in business with:

  • Travel agents
  • Online travel agents (OTA’s)
  • Tour operators
  • International consolidators
  • Airline

With Airtrade’s large scale buying power, specialized travel product knowledge and vast market experience it can help travel companies to sell travel in a profitable way, while assisting with cost reductions and increasing operational efficiency for its customers.


Travel Technologie
Airtrade provides end to end white label solutions including travel fulfilment to single booking- and booking management solutions. The Airtrade travel technology portfolio includes internet booking engines, back- and mid-office applications, API’s and a powerful dynamic packaging platform.

Airtrade is a certified developer for Sabre and Amadeus and working on a NDC certification.

Airtrade’s Dynamic Packaging platform supports travel retailers, airlines, OTA’s selling personalized packages. The Dynamic Packaging platform is flexible and includes all (low cost) airlines, 700.000 hotels, car rental, transfers, airport parking, “things-to-do” and insurances.

KLM packaging deals
An example of Airtrade’s whitelabel Dynamic Packaging end-to-end solution which includes travel fulfilment and customer service is implemented by KLM Royal Dutch Airline.



In February 2017 Airtrade’s managing partners together with the BCD Group acquired a majority interest by means of a management buyout (replacing AERTiCKET as majority shareholder). The buyout is in line with Airtrade’s strategic focus on strengthening its position in European markets.

Over the past years, Airtrade Holland has reinforced its position through strategic alliances with organizations such as:

AERTiCKET AG, Amadeus, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Anixe, De Jong Intra, DRT Groep, Destination of The World, Expedia, JacTravel, KLM, Otravo, Riksja, Sabre, Tenzing, Travel Trend and Toerbusiness.


The highly functional flight booking engine TravelPackager allows travel agents, travel retailers and tour operators to search on price and availability for the best flight and travel content. Via a user friendly Agent Dashboard users can define and manage their own business rules and margins.

In March 2012 Airtrade’s TravelPackager wins the “Dutch Motion Innovation Award 2012” and in 2013 TravMagazine awards TravelPackager as “Best Supplier Airline Tickets” for Dynamic Packaging.


  • 2 Februari 2017: Airtrade Holland’s management (Jeroen Martron and Frank Wester) and BCD Group hold 100% of Airtrade Holland’s shares. Airtrade aims to focus more on technology in the field of dynamic packaging.

  • Acquisition of The Flight Company.
    Travel fulfilment contract with Tenzing.
    China Airlines awards Airtrade with “Million Dollar Award”.
    Etihad awards Airtrade with the “Best Agency Award”.

  • Cooperation with KLM for KLM package deals including travel fulfilment and travel technology.
    China Airlines awards Airtrade with “Million Dollar Award”.
    TravMagazine awards Airtrade as “Best Supplier Flight Tickets”.
    Eva Air awards Airtrade with “Outstanding Achievement Award”.

  • Airtrade celebrates its 25th anniversary!
    On 5 September 2014 Airtrade organizes a symposium on “The Airline Industry in 2039” with extraordinary guest speakers.
    Travel Technology with significant growth in number of transactions and revenues (clients Travix for Booking Management System TravelManager, Otravo for Multi Product WebAPI and KLM for Dynamic Packaging).
    Hahn Air awards Airtrade as “Top Selling Agency”.

  • Airtrade’s TravelPackager wins the “Best Supplier Award 2013”.
    May 2013: AERTiCKET AG, market leader airline ticket fulfillment in Germany, purchases a majority share in Airtrade Holland.

  • 26 March 2012: Airtrade wins the “Dutch Motion Innovation Award 2012” with TravelPackager Webbased.

  • Vliegwinkel merges with BudgetAir, Flugladen, Vayama and CheapTickets: Travix is born. Airtrade is now a 100% ‘B2T company’ (business to travel trade). Wim Butte continues as CEO in a management team with Jeroen Martron and Frank Wester.

  • Airtrade sells VakantieXperts to Vertrekpunt.

  • The Rottink Travel Agency Group (since 1995 subsidiairy of BCD Group) becomes part of Airtrade. The name is changed to VakantieXperts

  • Airtrade is sold to BCD Group. Wim Butte and André Hesselink continue to be the directors of Airtrade.

  • Foundation of Airtrade by Wim Butte and André Hesselink.