SwyMed started partnership with Microsoft Surface Pro

Telemedicine solution improves health outcomes by connecting remote patients with specialists. Since its beginning in 2013, Lexington, Massachusetts–based swyMed has been working to expand telemedicine care to places where it was previously unavailable. Its commitment to creating reliable and easy-to-use solutions has made swyMed a leader in the mobile video-based healthcare industry. When swyMed CEO Stefano Migliorisi needed a highly capable yet lightweight device for the swyMed digitally enabled telemedicine backpack, he turned to Microsoft Surface Pro. The success stories and physician feedback he hears validate that choice.

Stefano Migliorisi, CEO and Founder of swyMed:

“To bring our vision to life, we needed to combine the right hardware, software, and services. Microsoft is a key partner for us, providing the components that we required to create our solution.”

When a patient suffers a stroke in a remote setting, critical treatment time is often lost. But swyMed, a provider of mobile telemedicine solutions, is out to change that. By adapting high-end videoconferencing technology coupled with an ingenious communication protocol that constantly monitors and adapts to changes in 3G coverage, swyMed has created a way for specialists to evaluate the patient remotely and have treatment protocols in place as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital.

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