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Ready to scale-up? Your timing is perfect.

Innovation and technology is the space we thrive in. If you live and breathe big ideas for a better, smarter world in one of our seven sectors of focus, we should talk.

Money talks. And so does creativity, collaboration and heart.

Is your annual net revenue above EUR 2 million or your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) more than EUR 150,000? Do you have a proven business model to grow rapidly? Walvis invests EUR 2-4 million in high growth technology companies. And we’ll be with you at every step. Because the human element is priceless.

  • EUR 2m
    Annual net revenue
  • 150k
  • EUR 2-4m
    Ticket size

Our sectors of technology focus

  • E-commerce

    Buying and selling of goods or services using the internet

  • Enterprise Software

    Software used to improve the productivity and efficiency in organizations

  • FinTech

    Software that disrupts incumbent financial systems in the financial industry

  • AdTech

    Software that enables optimization within the media and advertising industry

  • Smart Mobility

    Integration of all modes of transportation driven by real-time data analytics

  • PropTech

    Digital innovations to streamline and connect al processes in the real estate market

  • TravelTech

    Application of information and/or communication technology used within the travel and tourism industry

Our portfolio and exits

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Funding Dutch entrepreneurs is our specialty

Since 2012, Walvis has invested in entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with local and global growth dreams. We have an eye on the future and only invest capital in innovation and Internet technology scale-ups.
We are proud to grow and carry on the legacy and entrepreneurial spirit started by Mr. John A. Fentener van Vlissingen, our founder. Our whole team shares these same core values and can guide your growth with our indepth and firsthand entrepreneurial spirit. Because we know that scaling up is not an easy journey.

Investment fund overview

"All lasting business is built on family and family values." Mr. John A. Fentener van Vlissingen
That’s why we’re by your side every step of the way. We’ll be there in good times and tough times because we know that true growth can hurt. And since we were founded, we've established three funds with total assets of more than EUR 89 million under management. That's why we know there is no limit to your dreams or the technology that can make them come true.
Fund I
11 Total investments

Divested 10 - Active 1

Fund II
3 Total investments

Divested 3

Fund III
4 Total investments

Divested 0 - Active 4 - 1 ticket left