Our choice was clear. We knew Walvis would be professional. And tough.

“Walvis is very different from others, not like some shark investors. And they only work with growing technology and innovative scale-ups.”

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Read our story

Story of RecruitNow


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July 2018

“We partnered with Walvis for our RecruitNow SaaS scale-up because of their experience, knowledge and human touch. They understood us from the beginning and could make it happen.”

In 2018, more than one million job vacancies were posted in the Netherlands. In good news for RecruitNow, 40% of people may not actively be searching but who are open to new roles. And if they are targeted well using the right channel and the right offering, they represent immense value for many companies who want to grow their business.

RecruitNow had identified this huge opportunity with its online recruitment solutions. They attract latent job seekers with smart online campaigns and convert them into applicants ready to be hired using their state-of-the-art recruitment sites. They provide these services for staffing agencies and corporate clients such as Luba, Randstad, Boels and more.

And they’ve come far from their start in an attic of a home in Harderwijk. In 2003, RecruitNow CEO André Polderman brought together a small team to develop cool websites. Today, RecruitNow has outgrown its humble beginnings, as well as its original Modern Media/Minescape name.

Since launching in 2003, RecruitNow has earned a strong reputation as an online recruitment specialist in the Netherlands. They foster the relationship between their team, the client and the candidate by continuing to offer new innovations.

And when RecruitNow developed its latest product, Cockpit, they contacted Walvis. “We had reached the point where we needed to scale up with our SaaS Cockpit platform, and it was time to find an investment partner. We chose Walvis because we knew they could make it happen. Walvis is very different from others, not like some shark investors. And they only work with growing technology and innovation scale-ups,” explains André.

Why Walvis was their first choice

“To achieve our ambition to scale-up and grow, our investment partner selection was very important. We didn’t just want someone with the right knowledge and experience.” 

Paul Wilkens, COO RecruitNow

After considering the others, Paul and André made their decision. “Our choice was clear. We knew Walvis would be professional. And tough. They really understood us and what we wanted to achieve.” 

“When we met Vincent, we felt a click right away. He knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. And that the process is not always sunshine and roses.”

They also decided to partner with Walvis because of their heritage and legacy of John Fentener van Vlissingen and his entrepreneurial spirit and human touch.

“It was the best fit. Walvis is experienced in the business and that was very important for us. We know there will be challenges somewhere down the road, but Walvis will be there to support us, which is very important.”

Paul Wilkens, COO RecruitNow

A profitable and growing relationship
Since partnering with Walvis, Paul and André continue to be impressed at every step, including their thorough due diligence as well as governance process.  

“It’s nice that they are there to help us as we continue to grow. Walvis offers insights and advice. They enrich us with their knowledge and expertise. Growth can sometimes be painful, but the relationship also lets us remain focused on our daily business. And Vincent and Mathijs make our growth process much smoother and better,”

Andre Polderman, CEO RecruitNow

Looking forward, business looks bright. “Our mission is to help our customers to grow through innovation. And seeing customers accelerate their business by using our products and services, makes us extremely proud and happy,” says André.

RecruitNow by the numbers
50 employees
85 customers
1,000+ Cockpit users
120+ job sites 
20K vacancies