Walvis is aligned with our culture and delivers on every promise.

“The Walvis team is always professional, on time and nice to deal with. This gives us a good indication of what to expect in the coming years”

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Story of Onegini


Customer Security (CIAM)


July 2019

“Thanks to the Walvis investment, we can further develop our CIAM technology and expand internationally. We’ll start with Belgium, and then focus on the DACH region and other countries.”

Many of us may not know what CIAM means, but it’s vitally important for B2C-intensive organizations like banks and insurance companies. They rely on Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) technology to maintain a secure digital experience when visitors access their various systems.

Onegini has cornered the European market, thanks to the Walvis investment, and is growing rapidly with international expansion plans to Nordic countries and the UK. Their CIAM platform seamlessly delivers secure omnichannel communication across digital channels such as the web, mobile, chat and email.

“We founded Onegini because many companies need to give external users secure access to their platforms. Our technology works with all types of back office systems, and is seamless to set up.”

Denis Joannides, Founder and CSO Onegini

Times keep changing for the better
In the early days, it was challenging for Onegini to explain CIAM technology and convince corporations to come on board. Today, Onegini is a thriving thought leader in a growing market and companies now contact Onegini to request help with their secure platform access needs.

“We quickly provide the highest level of identity management and security. It takes just months, instead of years. And it’s easy to use,” explains Ronald Kasteel, Onegini CEO.

“The biggest challenge for B2C businesses is when external users log into their various channels and websites. They identify security as their main issue because they can’t know for sure if it is the same person who logged in,” says Ronald.

“With Onegini, it’s totally separate and we’ve eliminated all the security issues and confirm user identities. Our first release was a success. And since then, we’ve added more features to the platform such as mobile security,” notes Ronald.

Expanding one country at a time
In 2012, just five people worked for Onegini in the Netherlands. Today, they employ more than 60 people in the Netherlands and 20 in Poland. Since 2015, Onegini has set its sights further afield and now have a presence in Belgium and Germany with additional countries in their sights.

Thanks to their Walvis investment, Onegini is focused on developing more analytical capabilities, gaining insight in digital identity fraud and simplifying the digital onboarding experience for customers.

Why Onegini chose Walvis
“We were very pleased when Walvis invested in Onegini. We knew we had made a good choice as we need their experienced support in our scale-up growth phase,” says Ronald.

Although they are in the early phase of their scale-up, Onegini has already been implementing advice they received from Walvis.

“Their due diligence findings were very valuable. And it validated our decision to partner with Walvis, which was also based on their focus of only investing in innovation and technology,”

Ronald Kasteel, CEO Onegini

He adds that Walvis has already created a governance for Onegini with a formal board and chairman. “More importantly, Walvis is aligned with our culture and follows through on every promise. They are always professional, deliver on time and nice to deal with. This gives us a good indication of what to expect in the coming years and next steps in Onegini’s expansion strategy.”

With its solid foundation in a niche market, Onegini is well-positioned to expand and enjoy success in additional countries thanks to the Walvis investment.

Onegini by the numbers
Founded in 2011
Only mobile CIAM solution
Serve 200+ companies
Secure 1+ billion transactions
45 million users