RecruitNow: “Temporary employment agencies still need to catch up with digital transformation technology.”

Temporary employment agencies are increasingly investing in digital transformation technology and using its resulting data. But according to André Polderman, CEO of online recruitment specialist RecruitNow, they still have a way to go.

In a recent Data Driven Marketing Survey 2019 results show that while more Dutch companies are making decisions based on data, they still lack insight and efficiency. Medium- and large-sized temporary employment agencies use an average of six to seven separate digital systems in their daily work. 

Examples of these include:

  • back office systems used for remuneration, invoicing and time sheets
  • recruitment systems for candidates, vacancies and matches
  • email Inboxes
  • WhatsApp phone messaging 
  • planning systems 
  • CMS 
  • advertising software
  • external CV search and vacancy search 

This unnecessarily complex process decreases efficiencies for recruiters. “It can be done differently,” says Polderman. RecruitNow offers a comprehensive solution for temporary employment agencies and their digital transformation efforts. 

André Polderman explains, “We coordinate our systems and optimize them for temporary employment agencies. That’s why we launched Cockpit in April 2018 with our customer Luba Uitzendbureau. We develop recruitment systems designed with the end users’ needs in mind, which makes us truly unique within the temporary employment sector.”

“We try to distinguish ourselves through focus. Cockpit is a recruitment system that is entirely dedicated to streamlining recruiter’s work with an easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience. For example, it integrates separate external systems into the application based on data and at the right step of their process, with no additional logins and all with the same Cockpit look and feel.” 

Andre Polderman, CEO RecruitNow

In addition, Polderman believes that in 2020, the standard technology will be complete mobile first and cloud-based working. “Cockpit is the only recruitment system on the market that works 100 per cent on a mobile phone, including its management environment. And its flexible matching technology automatically proposes the best matches and works from two perspectives, which is also very distinctive.”

Privacy guaranteed
Privacy protection is another challenge facing temporary employment agencies in their digital transformation strategies. 

According to Polderman, the majority of employment agencies cannot accurately guarantee privacy protected information. “Recruiters use WhatsApp on their own mobile phones to stay contact with candidates, for example. It’s logical that they want to use WhatsApp, but may not realize it can also quickly cause a data breach. In a scenario where a candidate reports sick to their employment contact using Whatsapp along with their details, this data is then stored on a mobile phone. And if the agent leaves the company or loses their phone, the candidate’s data will be lost. This can easily be avoided by using ‘WhatsApp for Business’ and integrating it into our Cockpit recruitment system.”

Cockpit integrates all communication channels
Cockpit ensures that all incoming and outgoing communications with candidates and clients is sent to the employment candidate or contact person. These include emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages, web chats and other possible future channels. 

Cockpit eliminates at least two separate systems for recruiters: the email Inbox and phone communication. This way, if an employee is sick or taking time off, their information is available in one place and won’t be lost across separate channels. 

Another benefit is the integrated AVG overview. With just one click, agents can remove a candidate from Cockpit while adhering to industry guidelines, including all communications. According to Polderman, thanks in part to this feature, Cockpit is the only recruitment system that is truly 100 per cent AVG-proof. 

Data standards and data insights drilled down to the micro level
Processing speed is also very important for temp agencies, which need to quickly and easily enter standardized data into the system. It also needs to effortlessly connect with other systems in the data chain, including websites, advertising software and back office systems such as HelloFlex, AFAS Flex, EasyFlex and Kentro Office. 

Polderman explains, “Cockpit complies with international data standards for job titles and skills. This allows data to seamlessly connect throughout the entire chain. This way, employment agencies have insights into the costs of each placement, from time and actions to advertising costs, and costs of deliverables along with the conversion rates and margins.”

Reducing costs and fact-based results
Digitalization offers employment agencies many growth opportunities, but Polderman sees that this also has its own challenges. “For employment agencies, wage costs form the majority of total operating costs. For an employment agency to grow quickly and achieve a good return, you have to maintain growth and the costs.”

Data provides clear insights to temporary employment agencies that indicate how they can improve in these areas. And Cockpit helps to reveal how employment agencies can further optimize their returns. 

Polderman adds, “To date, eleven temporary employment agencies have chosen us as their partner to help them further expand. We implemented our system with customers and using fact-based data, we demonstrated using fact-based insights from data collected that it results in cost savings. Luba now places their matches up to 40 per cent faster using the Cockpit matches in its own database. This gives recruiters more time to spend on candidates and make more matches. Therefore, I am confident that in 2020 more employment agencies will switch to digital solutions such as Cockpit.”

Written by: Christian Slagter-Koster for Slagter Media.